Snorkeling Puerto Morelos

Have you heard of the Snorkeling in Puerto Morelos? You probably have and you are for sure wondering why is it so special! This is why:

Snorkeling in Puerto MorelosPuerto Morelos has it’s own Protected Park called: “Puerto Morelos Protected Marine National Park” which makes the place a natural oasis for all kinds of fishes and different sea animals.

The most important part is that the Reef is protected, and this is the main part o the whole project since the Reef is the one who keeps the place (Puerto Morelos) protected from natures disasters like Hurricanes or big caribbean storms. Being the Reef protected helps it regenerating and being healthy. Being healthy is something pretty good for us visiting the Reef of Puerto Morelos, since when the Ree is healthy, you’ll be able to see lots of amazing colors shining under the sunshine.

see fishes while snorkeling in puerto morelos

When Snorkeling in Puerto Morelos you’ll be able to see lots of different fishes from Sea Parrots, barracudas, Groupers (Mero), probably a sleeping shark (nurse shark) which are totally harmless. Something really important you need to know is that you must not touch the coral reef, touching them can hurt them and worse getting them sick causing a chain effect with the whole coral region.

Please visit us for some Puerto Morelos Snorkeling and help us keep it clean and healthy.

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