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Av. Javier Rojo Gomez, SM 2, M. 5, L. 17, Puerto Morelos Q.R. MEXICO

Posada El Moro opened for guests in January 2002 and is located in the town of Puerto Morelos which is 20 miles south of Cancun and 15 miles from the International Airport. It offers atttentive personalized service and beautifully landscaped public areas. Our clean, comfortable rooms and suites are newly constructed and maintained with the greatest of care. Come and enjoy our laid-back atmosphere surrounded by stunning natural beauty.

What is “El Moro”?

Posada el Moro received its name from a crustacean of the species “Menippe Mercenaria” that inhabits the Puerto Morelos area. This interesting crab is known as “El Moro” due to the distinctive purple (morado) color of its shell. Under the name “Stone Crab”, this animal is widespread throughout the Gulf of Mexico coastline.

Why stay at Posada el Moro in Puerto Morelos?

Posada el Moro offers attentive, personalized service, beautifully landscaped public areas and very clean rooms. Many of our rooms are newly constructed and all are maintained with the highest level of care and cleanliness.

Have you ever showered with rain water?

In order to reduce our dependence on water supplied by the county, Posada el Moro takes advantage of a renewable, non-polluting resource to service its lodgers – rain water.

Although we have tap water from the county, the Posada el Moro buildings have a rain water capture system that allows us to store and use rain water in our bathrooms. The next time that you take a shower in Posada el Moro, remember that the water that you are using was, not long ago, only passing clouds on the Caribbean. So you can relax and enjoy your visit in Puerto Morelos knowing that we try our best to be as gentle on the environment as possible.

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