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Puerto Morelos is a little Town in the Riviera Maya in the middle of Cancun and Playa del Carmen. In Puerto Morelos, you’ll find little Hotels and All Inclusive Resorts, nice little restaurants with great seafood, funky bars to go out at night and Tours like the Great Snorkeling in Puerto Morelos Protected National park.

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Things to Do in Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos SnorkelingThere are lots of things you can do in this beautiful small town of the Riviera Maya. Puerto Morelos has some of the best spots for Snorkeling in Riviera Maya, as well as beautiful Cenotes in its Jungle, and some of the best Tours of the Riviera Maya. You might want to check the page: Puerto Morelos Things to Do.

Puerto Morelos Tours

Puerto Morelos Tours

Puerto Morelos is located in the middle of the Riviera Maya so it's a perfect location to do any tours in the area. You can do several tours from Puerto Morelos, like Snorkeling in Riviera Maya. Visiting the Beautiful Cenotes or go Zip Lining. For more go to: Puerto Morelos tours

Puerto Morelos Hotels

Puerto Morelos Hotels

Puerto Morelos is the best place for you to travel and relax, it's a hidden jewel in the middle of the Riviera Maya. Puerto Morelos Hotels range from little hotels with small prices to All Inclusive 5 Stars Resorts that compete with all the Riviera Maya All Inclusive Resorts. For more visit: Puerto Morelos Hotels

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Acamaya Reef Cabañas

Acamaya Reef Cabanas Puerto MorelosAcamaya Reef Cabañas is a nice little hotel with cabanas in the small town of Puerto Morelos, actually it is a couple of miles away from downtown but it is a nice walk down the beach or by bike. Check out more here: Acamaya Reef Hotel Puerto Morelos 

About Puerto Morelos

About Puerto MorelosAt this Puerto Morelos Info and Travel website you'll be able to get the contact info of most of the Hotels and Tours located in this magnificent little town called Puerto Morelos. Visit our different options that we have for you, like Hotels from little Cabanas on the beach to the 5 Star hotels with All Inclusive Plans among the best in the Riviera Maya. Puerto Morelos Snorkeling Tours in the Protected Park, Diving Tours in the magnificent coral reef or in the big wreck specially collocated here for that purpose and also to make an artificial reef. Find cheap Car Rental Services so you are able to go by yourself to the great adventure that are the Cenotes in the “Route of the Cenotes” or if you don't want to drive around the area, just book a "Jungle Tour" that will take you to the Cenotes and inland in the middle of the great Jungle of Puerto Morelos.

Puerto Morelos is a town in Quintana Roo on the Yucatan Peninsula, about 20km south of Cancun. It is both a fishing village and a resort and diving/snorkeling destination. It is located roughly halfway between Cancun and Playa del Carmen on the Caribbean coast of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula.

Puerto Morelos town hosts snorkeling and sport fishing boats while yachts dock in a man-made harbor just south of town. The village Puerto Morelos used to be the embarkation point for the car ferry to Cozumel, but that now leaves from Calica, a major port south of Playa del Carmen.

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Our Top Puerto Morelos Tour

Riviera Maya Snorkeling

Puerto Morelos Snorkeling

This is Riviera Maya Snorkeling. It is our favorite Puerto Morelos Tour, since Puerto Morelos is one of the best spots to go Snorkeling in the Riviera Maya, it's only $75 USD per person and you can see lots of marine life and corals with colorful formations. Visit: Puerto Morelos Snorkeling.