Puerto Morelos Bars

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bara-bara-4bBara Bara

Bara Bara is a mixture of styles based on mexican urban design touches to give the place a more Pop Dadaist style and to make it different than others. Styles of music ranging from funk, soul, R & B, to dancehall, reggae More
Style House/Reggae

cantina-habanero-bar-6bCantina Habanero Bar

Welcome to Cantina Habanero. Home of the best food, coldest beer, most and best live entertainment, and friendliest people in Puerto Morelos. Naty, the owner, continues the tradition begun 5 years ago by her husband Ed. More

Style Funky

sativa-3bSativa Bar

Sativa Bar is a mixture of Reggae and other music styles… More

Style Reggae