Crococun Zoo

$25 USD Per Person

Crococun is a great place to see the local wildlife. Venture into the natural tropical forest and confront the prehistoric crocodiles, the rulers of this sacred land and witness their unpredictable personalities. The journey continues with a welcome from the friendly monkeys, a view of the diversity of snakes and the other exciting surprises that await.

Get a guide at the entrance (tip him at the end) and you can hold crocodiles, monkeys, boas, baby deer, and parrots.

This is a great place to take children and perfectly safe since most of the animals are in large pens and exhibits. Everything is outside in the lush jungle. The tour consists of a walk down a winding jungle path as your guide talks about the animals and answers your questions. Every so often he stops to pick one up to show you something. Be sure to pet the hairless Mayan dog. It feels sort of like a pig. Mayas used to eat them, it was a good meal. Cover yourself with bug repellent before getting out of the car.

Crocodiles characterize the wild experience at the zoo. Not only see them near to you but touch them and walk trough them! Bog crocodile (Crocodylus Moreletti) and River Crocodile (Crocodylus Acutus) are awaiting to surpraise you and make you live a really outrageous experience.

The constrictor boa reaches sometimes the 4 mts. of length, being the biggest snake of the world. Even when people fear them, the boa is harmless for humans. Unfortunately nowadays the hunting of any animal that crowls is an ancestral fear and a deeply rooted habit.

The red Tegu is one of the very few exotics specimens at the park, this kind of animals are not typical of this Mayan region. This specimen, for example, is a a Lizard native of the Argentine northest.

A good time is easy to have at Crococun, and they have a snack bar and souvenir stand for mementos (no crocodile luggage). So if you are passing by and you have an hour, stop, and enjoy this.

Category: Family

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Cel Phone: 99 88 74 3133