Puerto Morelos Diving

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We have one of the best Diving tours in the area since its in a privileged location, in front of the place you go from is located the second largest reef in the world making some outstanding coral formations to be visited. In our Diving tour through the Puerto Morelos Reef you’ll be able to see a lot of marine life from parrot fishes to turtles and if you get lucky you’ll see some big stingrays.

Our Diving Tour in the Puerto Morelos coral reef barrier is done in a National protected Marine Park with professional guides that will know where to take you in different times during the day

The Diving Tour lasts … … hours and goes to 2 places in the coral barrier, in every place you will snorkel for 45 minutes having more than enough time to see hundreds of marine species, there is also a little sightseeing that takes about 30 minutes around the national park making it a total of … hours.